• Padded Velvet is our most popular fabric.
    Due to its padded under-layer it is soft, durable, stain-resistant, and even absorbent.
    It has a casual, dimpled look, with a velvety directional nap.
    Fabric Shown Here: Chocolate Padded Velvet

  • 4 Seats + 5 Sides arranged as a chaise sectional is our most popular starter configuration.
    Add on at any time and let your couch grow with you throughout life.Fabric Shown Here: Grey Slub Tweed

  • The You-Table fits snugly over a Sactionals Seat placed as an ottoman.
    It makes dinner time or snack time convenient and easily slides to the side to kick your feet up.

  • Outdoor Sactionals change the vibe of any backyard party, and can withstand nearly any abuse.

  • Because Sactionals are changeable, go for color!
    You love it now, and if by chance you don’t in a few years, just change it.
    Fabric Shown Here: Maraschino Textured Weave

  • A three cushion Sactionals couch is actually quite long.
    Sactionals rectangular Seats are 35” long, so a two cushion sofa is about the same overall length as many three cushion sofas from other manufacturers.
    Fabric Shown Here: Caribbean Micro Velvet

  • Different colors and textures of fabric make a huge difference in how Sactionals look and the feeling of the room. Fabric shown: Pink Lady Lustre Chenille

  • Movie Theater seating is something many people want for their home theater or movie room.
    Build it easily using Sactionals Seats & Sides…
    but with Sactionals you’re not stuck in that configuration should your needs or tastes change.
    Fabric Shown Here: Taupe Combed Chenille

  • Outdoor Sactionals cushions come standard in one neutral color,
    but we have dozens of Sunbrella fabrics to choose from for your outdoor Sationals or Throw Pillow needs.

  • Taupe combed chenille is our most popular color of fabric.
    Taupe is neutral, warm-toned, and can pass for grey or brown depending on what it is paired with.
    Fabric Shown Here: Taupe Combed Chenille

  • Some leather covers cost more than the Sactionals Pieces they fit over,
    but leather definitely brings yet another level of sophistication.
    Fabric Shown Here: West Guanaco Top Grain Leather

  • A "deep" sofa plus two "deep" seats as attached ottomans (Seat frames turned so the long dimension runs front-to-back) connect in a configuration that is roughly the size of a queen-sized mattress.
    "Bedding Kit" sold separately (feather topper, duvet, and pillows).
    Fabric Shown Here: Taupe Combed Chenille

  • Smaller configurations like arm chairs are a great way to use extra Sactionals Pieces you may have
    when rearranging your Pieces to achieve a new look…whether using indoor or Outdoor Sactionals, as shown here.

  • This M-Lounger is comprised of 7 Seats and 8 Sides. Some seats are arranged “deep” and some are arranged “long” to achieve this configuration of furniture like only Sactionals can do. These 2 simple pieces are far more flexible than you can imagine. Fabric Shown Here: Taupe Combed Chenille

  • We are on a mission to liberate people from the tyranny of the zombie couch—we free you to live the life you love.
    Let your pets on the couch! Washable, changeable furniture lets you live without restraint.
    Fabric Shown Here: Red Micro Velvet

  • If standard Seats and Sides seem a bit too modern or angular for you,
    simply purchase 2 Roll Arm Sides and transform your Sactionals couch into a more traditional look.
    Fabric Shown Here: Azure Polylinen

  • Our mission: To free people to live the life they love. This includes your kids. No need to fuss when spills or messes happen. Sactionals are washable, and frames are guaranteed for life. Fabric Shown Here: Taupe Combed Chenille

  • Live free...and choose whatever color you LOVE. You can change it later.
    Fabric Shown Here: Azure Polylinen

  • Just hose it off. Outdoor Sactionals are built to get wet, run dry, resist the sun, and generally make your summer better. Fabric Shown Here: Stock Beachfront Covers (included with all Outdoor Sactionals)

  • Sactionals Seats and Sides ship in compact, tidy boxes that allow them to be efficiently and easily transported or moved.

  • 4 Seats can be arranged deep-ways to achieve a shape that is roughly the size of a queen bed. Add a mattress topper and pillows to make it a guest rest

  • Unlike typical sectionals, Sactionals cannot slide apart and will not even wiggle or wobble once connected with the included easy-to-use hardware. Each piece is guaranteed for life. Fabric shown: Tan Combed Chenille

  • The Pillowsac turned on its side in peapod form may be the most comfortable Lovesac for one person there is. It provides head and neck support, and great elbow support for reading or tablet-surfing. Fabric: Chocolate Padded Velvet

  • Sactionals Seats and Sides ship in compact, tidy boxes that allow them to be efficiently and easily shipped and delivered. Seat Cushions and Back Pillows plus all hardware come packed up inside of each Seat Frame. Covers ship separately.

  • Top grain leather, standard leather, and faux leather are all available through our custom order program. Fabric shown: West Guanaco Top Grain Leather

  • Outdoor Sactionals (as well as indoor Sactionals) Seat Cushions and Back Pillows can be crammed up inside of Seat Frames to allow for easy and efficient storage.

  • We have outfitted entire commercial movie theaters with Sactionals and Sacs. This one is the famous Inwood Theater, in Dallas Texas.

  • Don’t keep your best friends off the couch. Sactionals covers are machine washable, and the pieces are guaranteed for life. Live like you want to live. Fabric: Chocolate Herringbone Chenille

  • This is just one of the commercial movie theaters we have outfitted with Sactionals and Sacs. This one is the legendary Shattuck Theater, in downtown Berkeley, California. Fabric shown: Standard Black Leather & Berry Velvish

  • Sactionals are “Lovesac” comfortable. They have to be. Fabric shown: Tan Combed Chenille

  • Sactionals Seat Frames and Sides are lightweight and easier to carry up the stairs than a whole couch. Move them even without your neighbor’s help. Fabric: Tan Combed Chenille

  • The Pillowsac placed on a Rocker frame easily seats two, but is more fun than your couch... and it can take a beating. Fabric shown: Eskimo Phur

  • Outdoor Sactionals Pieces are guaranteed for life. It is not recommended that you use them in the ocean, but hey, if the flood comes, your Sactionals will survive.

  • Sactionals covers fit like a glove, and are surprisingly easy to peel off and wash. Every part of this couch is machine washable...so live on it as you like. Fabric shown: Tan Combed Chenille

  • An eight foot Lovesac can fit in the trunk, or the back seat of your car. It ships efficiently and the best part is: You get to keep the amazing Lovesac duffel it comes packed in.

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